About Us

Tachyon Corporation was established in 1991 and currently serves the Metro-Detroit area. Every day Tachyon Corporation matches qualified job seekers with businesses that are hiring.

From entry-level to upper management and from shop helper to CEO, Tachyon works hard to find the best candidate possible, and has been successful at placing employees in all of these positions. Tachyon Corporation prides itself on its customer service and takes the time to ensure that both companies and employees are happy.


For its first 25 years, Tachyon Corporation had been a top supplier for the machine tool industry in Southeast Michigan, and has now expanded its expertise to several other types of industries in the area.


Our knowledge of local industry trends in the Metro Detroit area means that nobody is better suited to solve your labor needs than Tachyon Corporation.

Contact Us

Call us at (586) 598-4320 or visit our office at 48705 Gratiot Ave., Chesterfield MI.